Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who's the mother...?

I've started to question who is the mother of my children. I must be the father - and I have some evidence to claim it;

One has got a running style as heavy as mine. She also has got the strong perfectionist mindset. The other has got the strange sense of humour, loves the situational comedy and is almost as fit as me.

But the mother then... Yes there are just as many similar things alike, but there must be a reason for both of them having musical skills. The young lady is playing clarinet for the 3rd year now and the young man started with saxophone last fall, having his first stage performance last Sunday.


The Pink Panther theme got a new status in my musical life but I can tell you the musical skills of the kids are definetely not from me - I am as bad playing music as my wife, the assumed mother of the children says.

Yes, yes, yes, I know I was present when the kids were born but still - there must be a trick somewhere. It can't be that both kids have been switched in the hospital by accident.

How to be sure...? Should I try to play an instrument myself?

Actually in today's world my musical skills are quite advanced since I still have my LP record player from the mid 80's. Still works! Hmmm, I've also played the simple rhime of Ukko Nooa in several island churches with harmonium, the piano type of instrument, but that requires only less then 10 keys so it doesn't count.

Or does this mean the the musical skills are from me and my wife is at the end the mother?

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Anonymous said...

Which part did you not understand?
This has been told to you (by me) several times: Skills, musical or sports, comes from your ever the great Uncle-Hussi!!

His musical talent was so huge that he kind of passed some of it over to your kids (left overs from his own kids) after he found out the hiddeness or hopelessedity (!) of your talent in that area:-)