Monday, April 5, 2010

Pro shaving

For some years I have tried to find a barber shop that would do the traditional shaving. I have asked around in Finland, Spain and Belgium but have not been successful. Until now.

Downstairs from the place we were staying in Brussels is a men´s barber shop and as I saw shaving brushes and other material, I went in and tried my luck – and was successful!

Just like in American movies, you sit down and enjoy. You get a warm towel on your face, thorough brushing, shaving with a knife, facial massage, again warm towel, cooling with another towel, and a nice after shave treatment. It was an enjoyable experience, but if you have a sensitive skin, they are likely to use a traditional shaver instead of the knife, but it will be done thoroughly all over. Result is as smooth as one can get form this face.

Not all the people speak English but the state-of-art bald man does and he did my treatment. Price was 19 Euros and I can truly recommend it!
Rudolphe, the men´s hairstylist
Avenue Louise 135, 1050 Brussels
Tel. +32 (0)2 534 00 14

With or without appointment

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