Friday, April 9, 2010

Back to the winter

I know the summer is short up here but was that it?

Last Monday afternoon in the sun the temperature was above +10C. On Tue we were down to +3C and raining like hell so I guess the summer is over. Well, at least the iglu - or better say the snow cave - made by the young member of the family had collapsed. There is still 20-30 cm of snow at our backyard. And of course more in the place where  the snow montain was.
All mornings this week have been between +1C and +3C. The rain has been here often but as well as the sun for a few hours. That makes the snow is melting slooowly. Up north we still have ~1 meter of snow and ski resorts are busy.

The good thing with this cold summer that has now ended is that we should expect a warm rest of the year since the average annual temperature and amount of rain/snow will not change that much from one year to another...

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