Monday, April 12, 2010

1000 - You made it!

Ladies and Playboys - Hyvät Naiset ja Herrat,

1000 pageviews since 8 January 2010 from people in 41 countries. Thank you for the confidence - I will continue with the same crap ;o) 

...eli 1000 sivulatausta tammikuun 8 päivän jälkeen 41 maasta. Kiitos luottamuksesta - soopan suoltaminen jatkuu ;o)
Tuhannet kiitokset - Grazie 1000(!!!) - Tack - Dank u wel - Thank you - Merci - Danke schön - Gracias etc...!!!


Cécilia's Mama said...

You mean you have had 100 different people view your blog?? COOL! And what's with the shaving cream???


MIKA said...

My dear S,
Yes it indeed looks like to be more the 100. Many people - like myself - visit from different domains (e.g. home & work pc's that shows as 2 separate visitors).

Still, if we count together 148 domains from Finland 45 from US, 26 from "EU" which is most likely my colleagues, 15 from Sweden, 14 from UK, 13 from Belgium and so on it sums up quite many people and I must be proud of it!

The shaving cream: read further down and you can see a tip for Mr B, there is a good place in BRU (details in the post )!