Friday, April 23, 2010

Told you - The winter is coming!

It is snowing!
I said the summer is over. We have had all week the mornings around 0 C and tops +3. Up north was yesterday -8 C and this morning the ground is white.

The car windows have been on ice many mornings - except yesterday when it was raining. Luckily I have in this car the heater that warms up the car for the moment I choose. It will be ready in 15 minutes so I better hurry...

Perfect morning to wear some Calvin Klein's "Summer" EDT ;o)

Tonight it is theatre time with Mary Poppins. Thrilled about it? No.
Do I wanna go? Of course! The company is good and I am always ready for new experiences :o)

Have a fantastic weekend, where ever you are!

PS One year in BRU we were on a beach sunbathing in mid April, let's see if I have any good photos as comparison...

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