Sunday, April 18, 2010

So many thoughts, so little time...

During the past weeks I have had so many ideas to write about but at the same time so little time to put the thoughts on the keyboard.

The Finnish politicians have been on the local news; one member of the parliament about mixing the business and private traveling, prime minister about his ridiculous "I do not recall it... I can't remember that..." explanations about the party election fundings.

The Finnish hockey league is in the semifinal phase but there are no teams left that I would be interested in. Still, I follow a bit and I can't understand why.

Formula1 World Champion Kimi Räikkönen changed his F1 Ferrari into Citroen Ralley car and has had some ups and downs during the first 4 or so World Championship ralleys. Today he finished 5th in Turkey and that can be considered a great achievement with his very limited experience! It is a bit like Michael Schumacher would have jumped to the MotoGP series and finished 5th in a race...

Yesterday I was watching my son's football (soccer) game and he played midfield instead of the regular defense. They won 4-0, he scored 2 goals and had a good chance for a hat trick - and I was enjoying myself!!! As I have said I love to watch sports but seeing your own kids play is just something else.
And then there is the dust cloud;
Around the world are people who had to change their traveling plans. Every one of us know someone who was impacted.
Now some airlines have made test flights and critic against the flight ban is increasing. Let's see how bad the situation will be but now it seems the central Europe will be heavily impacted. At the moment ~4.000 flights were operated instead of the normal ~24.000 flights. Some lucky ones are stuck in 5* hotels with company expenses but that is only few.

I would not dream about bus ride through Europe from Barcelona to Helsinki, Finland. Some holiday tour operators have started to bring groups back to Finland by flying from Canary Islands to Barcelona and continue with a bus from there. Just imagine the 2-3 day trip with small children...

Today I met a colleague who was planned to be in Hania, Greece, enjoying the beaches and heat but instead he is in Espoo, Finland enjoying the +2C we have at the moment.
OK, we had today about +10C and I enjoyed a moment at the backyard patio. Or let's say I tried to make an unpleasant working moment as enjoyable as possible: I opened the sliding doors and was inside, covered from the worst wind, sat on a lamb skin (which is from my wife's childhood) and opened a laptop.
Not as nice and warm as here but still...

Gotta say the sun was enjoyable and I was longing to Brussels where I know the spring is far far ahead. I guess you guys have the certain trees whatevertheyarecalled already blooming pink. The summer is 2 months longer then up here so the past and next few weeks is the time when one should change Finland into Brussels.

However, then we would have missed all the ugliness of the melting snow. Luckily I have not been around the sidewalks to see the exposure of the dog poo... Thank you for everyone who uses the plastic bags to collect the poo!!!

Last but not least, for everyone working with a laptop in the sun check out this.

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