Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring feelings

As said, the spring is slowly approaching. One firm sign of it is BBQ - even if we Finns are fine to do it all year long the spring time increases the smell of burning charcoal - or better the lighter fluid...

As you can see, I don't mind if there is still snow. However, I didn't go for the bigger grill yet.
The melting snow brings also some unpleasant sights with it, or what do you think about these?

Well, I gotta say I was polight as I have no pics of the yellow snow or the dog poo markers that are part of spring - due to the dog owners who don't bother to carry a plastic bag to pick up the poo ;o)
Happy easter, it is chocolate time...
The spring love is coming out from the snow - yes, this heart that is on a stick about 50 cm from the ground so we are on the winning side...!
PS Pahoittelut erityisesti  Kaakonkulmaan etten ole kirjoittanut suomeksi - mutta kuvat ovat monikielisiä ;o)

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