Sunday, February 20, 2011

Veeery cold morning, or how would you rate -25C...? Early wake up call to go and cheer my son in his football game - or soccer as some of you know the game.

Yesterday I forgot to use the fantastic feature in the creation of Mr Ford: I didn't set the heater on to make sure the car would be nice, warm and ready for the ride. Well, now I got a good reminder to do it in the future:
The damn car didn't start, perkele!

We were in a rush to get to the game but luckily the other car in the family - more American than the Mr Ford's baby - started and we got to the game on time.

The temp came down during the day and the Ford-baby almost started but no, it didn't. The other American cousin, Chrysler, came to help out and with the cables the Ford-baby finally started. It was not a piece of cake as the cables I have were a bit too thin, even though they were for diesel cars.

Yes, the cabels for diesel car jump start are thicker so be aware of this when you do such stuff. Also the batteries are different so please check a pro before going for operation. And I'm not the pro you need.

The good thing for today was that after getting certain planned deeds done during the afternoon, we had time to take pulkka & sledge and go to have some winter fun. It's funny how should-be-an-adult becomes a kid when given a chance. Perhaps the speed effect has got something to do with it.

And the sledge I was using, my toboggan that I bought in Lillehammer, Norway years ago. Gotta be careful, a colleague broke her coccyx in a toboggan race we had during the same trip I got the sledge from.

I've got a pic of this great piece of snow-machine but you gotta wait for it. Just like you gotta wait for the story and pics of yesterday's little trip on the sea. On foot.

PS What makes a teenager to ask "could we open this pack of biscuits?" just before going to bed? Beats me, but luckily she was smart enough to smile after getting a surprising negative answer...

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