Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just another day into the office - and back

Dear Friends,

I can claim that quite many of you have no idea what "just another day into the office - and back" can mean in real. It can be rough roads with loads of snow, like in these few pics from about 1,5 weeks ago.

A bit of snow on the road - and on the window
 Hold on, I can see the airport on the right side. Or I can't but it's there.
 Yes, the main runways of Helsinki Airport are behind the fence!
But that's history from looong time ago as I said. Now we should focus on something closer to the moment I guess. That means today;

Here are pics from my ride - just another day towards the office...

I have been looking at this pipe many times and finally this morning I was able to risk it and take a few photos while driving 80 km/h on an icy road
 I'd say it is beautiful in it's rudeness, ugliness and dirtyness
 I wonder if there is a deeper message in this photo
 Trip continues and there is another truck stopped by the road. This one had lost some liquids, what ever you call it in English. Perhaps the cooler froze and broke...
Hmmm, the temp was quite mild when I left home, barely below -20C which in this case means -4 Farenheits.
 How surprising there was another car by the road - right after the truck I missed to take a photo of.
No wonder, temp was down a bit in this area, -25C. And as you can see on the photos with the temperature, the radio channel had changed from the local public , the Finnish broadcasing company's channel. into commercial channel that plays only Finnish pop/rock - and have a pretty good morning show from 6 to 10 am. Yes, sometimes they talk too much crap and play too often the same damn songs but certain parts cover the rest of the crap.

And I gotta admit I cruise between the channels a lot in the morning. Yes, a lot. Gimme a bad song or boring story and I'm gone. Actually it is vice versa, I prefer to listen to talking shows rather than music in the morning. That is when I'm alone in the car - which is usually the case.
 Anyways, while writing or driving the temp went down to -27,5C.
 Damn, I just got the pic and it keeps going down like Bruce Springsteen... -28,0C
Ain't this beautiful after all? The speed limit sign is the same as you saw above with the airport on the right side - with visibility at minimum. Now it is a lot better, and so is the light;
For months I have been coming into the office and leaving home while it has been dark, but fortunately I am often in the mornings late arrival so I get to see our friend before closing myself inside the four walls.
Yeah, bring in the sun as I am ready for it!
...well, who isn't... But still I think it was a good option to park the snow white car on the mild hill, just in case Mr Ford fails with the heater ;o) And note this pic was taken before 08:30 in the morning, sun is up.
The Helsinki Airport terminal is there just below the sun
But before getting inside and able to take off the jacket, the car thermometer went down to -29C which equals to -20,2 Farenheit. Keep it coming baby, it's winter and I guess it's again time for the sauna...
To finish off, I thought I'd share a FANTASTIC photo with you. It was taken only few minutes ago from the door behind my back, same view that I have from the couch I am writing this on.
Almost like a painting by Picasso, so I gotta think if I'd take a few more drinks and paint such myself instead of posting the pic... It also reveals a new truth about our solar system. Perhaps the moon is not as we think...

Come back tomorrow = Saturday in the afternoon and you should see some great pics!
All and all, please learn to drive on icy roads - or stay home!!!

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