Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Missing States of America, Spanish having siesta & Milestones

Dear Friends,
There has been some milestones in Flag Counter, the flag box on the left side, along the past weeks that I have not highlighted, sorry for that. It is your blog after all ;o)
  • 900th visitor from Finland
  • 400th visitor from US
  • 100th visitor from Sweden
  • 7000th visitor
Thank you for these!
...soon Belgium will also join the 100-club...
I have been wondering two things though. I know you can help me with one of them and let's see if we can wake up the siesta people...

Missing States of America;
In the Flag Counter is registered 46 out of 51 states, but which are the missing 5 states? Latest new one was Kansas that joined us yesterday.

No, I have not taken a list and cross-checked. That is a bit like admitting that you can not use a machine without a manual. Is there anyone who could name them, one or more?

If you can, just post a comment at the end of the posting. If you are shy, you can do it also anonymous.

Siesta time?
For certain reasons I have more than average interest in Spain. The number of visitors from Spain has though been stable in 42 for a while, so let's see if we could wake them up with this writing. You can check the development by the number next to the Spanish flag on the left side.

Por favor una cerveza mas y muchas gracias por su visita. No matter if you are working in a bodega or Picasso Museum in Malaga, football fan of Real Madrid and Christiano Ronaldo, city playa lover in Barcelona without knowing who Lionel Messi is, play tourist in Fuengirola, are a fisherman who enables pescados y mariscos, gambas pil-pil, boquerones fritos, Almejas, Rosada or what you have, perhaps this piece of text got you on this site for the higly sophisticated, scientific test ;o)
Gracias por su visita!!!

And for the ones who missed that class in school, this is what it looks like;

PS My heart is broken, I just heard Malaga football team in La Liga is on the last place. Vamonos blue & white, show them what you have!!!

1 comment:

MIKA said...

Buenos tardes España!
I am very surprised that the fishing of another Spanish visitor has not succeeded. It is still 42, hence I guess within this short timeframe we have proved that at least I don't know how to attract Spanish visitors...
Hasta la proxima!