Saturday, February 26, 2011

Horror Story - Part 5

Dear Friends,

The horror story is about to get a BIG turn today:
She is getting married!

Here is a clip from her hen party. Luckily it is in Finnish so that most of you don't understand - but still you get the picture in all of it's nastiness. For the ones who do understans Finnish, please note the part that starts right after 4 minutes - ette tainneetkaan tietää kuinka pieni tämä maailma onkaan...
For adults only, click here for the clip, compliments by

Today's main news paper Helsingin Sanomat decided to downgrade their quality level and posted two Tuksu-quotes from Ms Johanna Tukiainen;

"Ykkösenä tulee usko, toivo ja rakkaus. Hemmottelu ja erotiikka ovat myös tärkeitä asioita, kuten timantit ja omistusasunto."
In English it is something like this;
"Number one in the faith, hope and love. Pampering and eroticism are also important issues, such as diamonds, and owning your apartment."

The other one tells something about the behaviour of the sisters - who used to dance together;
"Oma rakas siskoni ei pääse häihini, sillä hänen lääkärinsä on kieltänyt kaikki juhlat, joissa tarjoillaan alkoholia."
And the English version along the lines of;
"My dear sister can not come to my wedding, since her doctor has banned all celebrations where alcohol is served."

Have a great weekend - with or without wedding celebration!

PS Number of unique visitors is now over 3000, thank you for that! I still have to wonder the visitor from Isle of Man - and on the other hand I am grateful for seeing the flag that was totally new to me.

PSS I guess it's spring now, we have only -5C. But the snow is not melting... 


Tšupukka said...

JEE! Blogissani kävi myös liputtamassa Isle of Man. Sateliitti ei toimi Punavuoren yllä, en ole saanut moneen päivään uusia lippuja, nyyh....

MIKA said...

Ai, onko Punavuoren Ruhtinaskunnassa Pohjois-Korealaisen avoin viestintäkulttuuri...?

Tšupukka said...

Käy kurkkaamassa sitä mun "countries"sivua, voiskohan sille sateliitti-ongelmalle tehdä jotain....