Sunday, February 27, 2011

Movies with Mrs - Do it!

I am lucky enough to have a wife who activated me to go to the movies with her!

We booked the tickets online, took care of some things and went to collect the reserved tickets. Then we had time for a good salad lunch and a shop visit for the candy. The loose candy is something we have in Finland and Sweden with a good selection.
The movie we went to was "The King's Speech". It is based on a true story, connected to historical events and has many elements along the way that I loved. Let's see if Hollywood movie machine will award them with Oscar's tomorrow. They have my vote for one or several, I guess they will get some out of the 12 nominations...

I guess I've been brainwashed by BBC during the Brussels years hence I nowadays can enjoy a bit the British humour. There were moments when we were the only ones in the movie laughing to the fantastic situational comedy, comments that one just can't translate into Finnish subtitles. Or Swedish, as we have both Finnish and Swedish subtitles - this is a bilingual country.

Actually we have also 3rd official language, Sami.
Anyways, the movie was great, wonderful company, fantastic things before and after the movie so I am happy to recommend you something similar! On the other hand you can't reach the same level as us since you won't have as good company as we had ;o)

The official movie site is here and you can check out the trailer from here.

I must say the movie left me with a good feeling - main message could be "You can do it!"... And friends can and should challenge each others!

You can do it!!!

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