Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Looking for a great cafe in Espoo? It is there already: Kaisan Cafe

For about 20 years there has been a fantastic cafe at Tapiola, Espoo, Finland - my hoods. A wonderful couple opened it at the twist of 80/90's and since then they have been a legend.

The show is ran by Raimo and Kaisa, hard working, dedicated and people with BIG hearts. They have been working there themselves every day, in the early years only Monday to Friday, weekends off and always having a winter holiday week and in the summer closed for about 4 weeks.

That's respecting work/life balance while running your own business that is 110% depended on having your shop open!

At some point they opened for Saturdays and now they seem to have taken a HUGE step: They were open during the winter holiday week but neither of them were working! That means they have been able to build a team that they can trust and let them run the show, that's how you recognize a good manager from an average one!!!

There has been a killer, standard recipe for the success: Something people consider worth paying for. In their case it has been always a GIGANTIC, great tasting cinnemon roll, a korvapuusti! I think the starting price while opening was about 5,50 Finnish Marks and today's price is 1,70 Euros. Not bad during the time of 5 freaking Euro coffee cup ;o) Their standard, black coffee is by the way 1,30 Euros.

I can recommend them with all my heart for coffee + sweet or salty pit-stop on site, cake (sweet or salty) ordering for what-ever-party or just for a cup of soda. But don't expect to get double-wrapped-espresso-capuccino-frozen-cinnemon-twisted-special-double-foam-super-duper-coffee-wanna-be-starbuck-coffee-options, but focus on the stuff you have with your plain, dull Finnish coffee.

The price is not a show-stopper for you visit, or what do you think about this;
3 x GIANT cinnemon roll
1 x BIG slice of cake
2 x Hot chocolate
1 x Coffee, black
1 x 0,5 Liters of Coca Cola -bottle
...and the sum is...
12,90 Euros

Still, it's not about the price...!

Kaisan Cafe
Sampokuja, Tapiola, Espoo (next to the flower shop of Stockmann department store)
Phone 09-455 0851



Tšupukka said...

Kuola valuu! NAM, korvapuusteja ilman kynsiä.
Stadissa saa ehkä kaksi lattea tuolla rahalla.

Anonymous said...

Nam paikka!!!

Tule Espooseen vierailulle Tsupukka...

MIKA said...

Käytiin juuri mahtavan jääkävelyn jälkeen joillekin hyvin tutussa kuppilassa: Carousel

Toki eroja on, kuten kaakao mukista pahvikupin sijaan (olis sen kyl kuppiin saanu Kaisallakin...), tarjolla myös ruokaa sekä alkoholidrinksuja, meriterassi jne, mutta silti Kaisan 1,50 Eur sijasta vastaavasti koneesta nappia painamalla tuleva kaakao maksoi 2,60 Eur. Ja pienempi, visualisesti viimeistellympi = tehdasmaisempi kääretorttupala 1,50 Eur sijasta 3,20 Eur...

Silti molempiin riittää asiakkaita - onneksi on vaihtoehtoja!

Tšupukka said...

Kokeile Mika seuraavalla Stadin visiitillä Crustum-kahvilaa, Pursimiehenkatu 7, auki ti-pe 07.00-18.00 ja la-su 08.00-18.00
Kahvilalla on oma leipomo.

Ps. kuka toi kiva on joka kutsui minut kahville....