Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just another winter day

This morning I was sitting in the car after 6:30 am with -20C behind the windscreen.

I'm heading towards the gym for a morning exercixe while a song in the finishes and the DJ says only 2 simple words with a pretty strong opinion abou the wearher - that had lasted for several days. And is about to last longer.

Even though he is a Finn and the channel language is Finnish, his exact words were:
"Fuck, it's freezing!"
...and without further explanations starts "Start Me Up" by Roll...

I was started, and I guess also few others who were listening.
Radio Rock, Finland 94.9 MHz or

Enjoy the weather, no matter what it is like!
Navy "taxi" in Helsinki

PS I was again grateful to Mr Ford for enabling me just to step into the car and take off without scraping the windows. The saved time I spent at the gym writing this ;o)

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