Saturday, May 1, 2010

It is Vappu - or I guess my Swedish friends call it Walborg

Normally most of Finns are wasted at this point of the Vappu evening. Not all of us take the smoother option for the Vappu night and after the office day go to the market place with the kids, buy some carneval junk and only then head home.

We had plenty of time to enjoy BBQ evening with a good friend stopping by. This also enables me to feel a lot better tomorrow morning compared to most of Finns who have been boozing either in the city or parties at home.

Last year I wrote about Vappu - Walpurgis Night - Valborg - and posted some pics so I will only post the link here.

If you wanna read more about Vappu, here is a link.

Unfortunately I have not myself taken any Vappu pics for not for now but let's see if I get into it tomo. Well, here is one of fantastic home made donuts - the ones without the hole...
Veeeeery tasty!

I also have some pics about how far the spring (yes, spring - not winter as some of you might say) has progressed.
The taller trees at the back are birches. Gives you a perspective of how far in the spring we are... Yesterday I was driving to the office with +3.5 C on the meter, no wonder I miss subtropical Brussels at this time of the year.

Last weekend the sports fields had some snow to "cover" them...

I remember once sitting at one of the terraces at Grand Place (the one at the lower end with the horse inside, I think it is called Le Roy) 30 May 2005 or 2006 and it was +30C. I had just returned from the fantastic pre-Queen's Day -party in Amsterdam... If any of you guys from that trip are listening: it was a great eve!!!

Tomorrow we either will go to the city carneval or not - this is what it can look like...
 In the afternoon we shall anyway go to friends of ours for a fun afternoon...

Have fun you all, where ever you are!

PS D, Happy B-Day - wish we would be on a same continent to celebrate it!!!

PSS F****ng h***, we have been in BRU sunbathing at the beach in mid-April so I guess you can understand the frustration as I have no chance to travel up North to Lapland for skiing (yes, the slopes are still running smoothly until about mid May) and can't enjoy the summer as I have used to in the past years. Ying-Yang. Perkele...!

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