Saturday, May 29, 2010

Let the show begin...!

Tonight is again the night for some good musical and visual entertainment with a bit of cultural flavors: Eurovision song contest. Last year a pretty-boy from Norway won so Norway got to organize the event this year.

As I said some days ago, Finland is out from the final - just like Sweden for the first time. Gotta say I was again surprised to see which songs made it and which were dropped out. Matter of taste, but I can say there is some good fun to watch tonight. In my books this means also some laughter...

My personal favorites are Armenia and Romania, but I give some points to Ukraine too. Check it out and you will understand, fantastic performances :o)

Take the rythm from France song "Allez! Ola! Ole!" which is not a traditional Eurovision song but more for the upcoming football Worldcup. Well, I don't know how far off the target audience ONLY successful Finnish performance "Hard Rock Hallelujah" by another pretty boy Lordi was, but for some peculiar reason they won...
 In my mind Greece has got the best message of the night with a song titled "Opa", which is the same as "Hölökynkölökyn" in Finnish.

Opa - Sláinte - Cheers - Kippis - Skål - Sante - Na zdravi - Prost - Salud - Hölökynkölökyn - whatever...!

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