Saturday, May 22, 2010

I forgot... take away the candels from the patio when the heat started.

I am writing this at the backyard, enjoying the sun for the first time after last weekend. I'd love to do the same during the wek but unfortunately the task list in the office - as well as some late meetings - prevent it.

On Thursday evening I got home around 1830 and had two options; Stay inside and watch the ice hockey game Finland vs Czech for a place in semifinals (the ice hockey world championships I wrote earlier about) or take a bike and go for a ride. No, not a motorcycle but the traditional sweat-bike, bicycle.

Apparently I have done something right as a father since my son joined me for a ride. He himself suggested a pitstop at Mövenpick ice cream shop at the Haukilahti Marina but no matter what the motivator was, we had a good hour bike trip by the sea.

Unfortunately the "beach route" is at that time of the day mainly in the shadows, but fresh air with a bit of exercise was goooooood! We tend to cycle fast. Leisure biking for another time...  The decision appeared to be right also in the sense that Finland lost the game by penalty shoot out. I think it is NOT the right way to solve the game, afte only 10 minutes overtime you finalize the game with only 3 shooters. LET THE GUYS PLAY, BETTER TEAMS WILL SCORE AND WIN!!!

Now I am getting hungry, gotta go for a snack and leavy you guys wondering if the forecasted rain comes or not. No matter what, tonight the BBQ is on with good friends!

Enjoy the weekend!!!

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