Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who would have thought...?

Who would have put the money on Denmark being the first one to secure the place on the 2nd round at the Ice Hockey World Championships? Not me...

USA has lost both games and again, who would have thought this would happen against Denmark and Germany? Good thing for Team USA is that both games were on overtime so they have 2 points, just like Germany from USA win. Finland has got 3 points from the second game, 1-0 win against Germany. Denmark has got 5 points from clear Finland win and overtime win against USA.

We are not alone with the surprise results: Norway won Czech Republic. I’ve actually been in Norway – England(!) ice hockey game back in 2004 in Oslo. They were playing the B-level World Championships and I took my English colleague to the game, first ever for him…

Last games are today, Denmark-Germany and Finland-USA. If Germany wins Denmark - which already is on 2nd round - either Finland or USA is out from the 2nd round.
Who would have thought...?

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