Friday, May 14, 2010

The Ice Age is Over

On Wed May 12th the temperature climed above +15C for the first time this year. Yesterday May 13th was the first day temp climed above +20C and you must remember this is in Southern Finland, up North in Lapland, ~1000 km north from Helsinki, the ski season just finished.

This is exceptionally good for Finland, since I can remember only one 1st of May carneval, Vappu, when I was able to freeze in shorts. Few times I've been freezing in t-shirt but normally it has been something around +10~15 C, sometimes even below 10...

As reference I remember the first year in Brussels when the temp was +30C on 30th April. I had just come from Amsterdam to have a taste of Queen's Day and the evening was niiiiice. Also once we went to the beach (sunbathing) at mid April.

As I have said many times, I love winter and this one in Finland was fantastic! But now feel free to bring in the summer - all you have to offer up here...! Which is not much.

Except sometimes;
Today we had some heat. When leaving the office the temp was +27,5C and even now at 7:30 PM it is +24 at the backyard. Not bad at all!

I shall finish with a tip of the day;
If you think raclette is only winter food, why don't you set it out at the backyard - or if you have a covered patio, what could be nicer then enjoy it outdoors with friends in a rainy evening. No smells inside and you get to enjoy the fresh air. You just need to make sure the wine is in the right temperature ;o)

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