Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shame-shame-shame for the Finnish ice hockey players!

The yearly Ice Hockey World Championships are going on in Cologne, Germany. Too bad they are now next door from Brussels and we are not there. Or on the other hand, luckily we are not there since it would have been touch to witness the first ever defeat Denmark over Finland. Yes, the piccolo ice hockey country of Denmark won Finland 1-4 yesterday!

It is not any comfort that USA lost their game against Germany, also not-that-good-ice-hockey-nation, particularly since these four teams play in the same qualifying group. These were only the first matches for the teams so let's wait & see how it continues. Tomorrow Finland is playing Germany and I bet the house will be full!

Some fellow countrymen have set up a facebook group that will promise to shave their heads in case Finland will win the championship this year. I'd say their hair is safe - we have won so far only 1 title back at 1995 and this team doesn't seem to be particularly strong...
If you have never been into a proper ice hockey game, I truly suggest to go. It's pretty fun, a good circus!



ivanka said...

Paljon onnea vaan...paljon onnea vaaan!

MIKA said...

Kiitos paljon, päivä on ollut hyvä - sain jopa katsoa lätkää niin rauhassa että sormet hyppi näppäimillä kuten yllä näet..