Sunday, September 11, 2011

Go Finland - Go my girl!!!

Apologies my friends, as I have been sooooo silent for sooooo long time! I thought I'd have time during the summer break but no way, I was enjoying the time doing nothing, exercising at the gym, watching my kids play sports and so on. And yes, I was expecing to take the time to talk to you but no - sorry!

Go Finland!!!

In EU basketball championships Finland has taken the team further than expected - and today they are waiting for the game on Monday where they have a chance to kick Slovenian ( I think so ) ass and make the biggest ballgame surprise of the decade and make it into the final 8.

C'mon, let's be realistic: if Finland wins the game tomorrow, it is a BIG win!!!

By the way, there is also the EU games in beach volley - sorry, the volley ball, and team FI lost their first game but I'll keep my eye on the b-ball!!!


And particularly...

My litlle young lady had her confirmation - and I can tell you she is a magic wonder as in my books my tiny tiny baby is not even close to be at her age. As most of us think of our little girls go through the confirmation camp just to get it done, it is great to see she also had fun over there...

What ever is the situation, stink (!) positive!!!

Sorateiden Sankarit - I hope you can check it out from here.

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