Saturday, September 24, 2011

Winter is coming!

Why else at 8 pm there would be +7C outside...? Earlier I said that at night time it has been already below zero C in mid Finland, but not even down here at south - Helsinki area - it is getting colder.

We went for a lunch by the seaside, same place from where I've posted pictures many times earlier, and I can tell you it wasn't a beach weather. Windy like heck - like you can see from the flag in the pic below.
The pics do not tell otherwise that much of the weather.
I had to do some painting job at home today. Before moving to our current place, we had an outside pro helper with the painting and I gotta say I missed him today. Of course few cans of Orginal Long Drink makes the paining job a bit smoother...

But not smooth enough as would be needed to do the job up at the top of the water tower as the guys in the pic below. This image doesn't show how high up it is, but if you imagine there is a big restaurant up there - then you should get the picture.
To finish off for tonight, here is a tip for the singles for next weekend - if you are in the southern part of Finland. This one is at Järvenpää, Cantina Zapata. Go out and have fun, I won't be there! Too bad you missed the Idols winner Martti yesterday...

PS HJK won the Finnish Cup in football launched by a great goal by the 40+ years old king of Finnish football, Jari Litmanen. Congratulations! Also hats off for the Blues - you got 3 points today!

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