Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jere Karalahti - Vuoden Urheilija / Sportsman of the Year?

Former pro ice hockey player and current coach Raimo Summanen said in today's Iltalehti - Finnish tabloid paper - that instead of finger pointing, blaiming and deserting an athlete who has had downhill with for example drugs or alcohol, should be supported. And particularly now that for example Jere Karalahti has made a comeback to the world's top ice hockey players, he should instead be selected as the Sportsman of the Year!

I support it!!!
Well, of course part of my support comes from Jere helping out my home team Blues from Espoo to make it from pre-play off games a long way to the finals last season. Too bad Jere's former team HIFK was too strong to go all the way to the end...

We have sooo many examples of sportsmen who have faced downhill after their sports career is over. Or what would you say about such names as Matti Nykänen, Mika Myllylä, Juha Kankkunen and so on. These are just the names that we all can see in media, and for each of them there are dozens of others we never hear about.

Sen sijaan että syyllistämme, tuomitsemme ja hylkäämme urheilijat jotka joutuvat alamäkeen esimerkiksi päihteiden kanssa, meidän tulisi tukea heitä. Ja Jere Karalahden tapauksessa - mieshän on ryhdistäytynyt ja palannut maailman huipulle jääkiekkoilijana - hänet pitäisi valita Vuoden Urheilijaksi!

PS Congrats to team España for the basketball success!!!

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