Sunday, September 18, 2011

BIG NO for zone defense!

I was today watching a basketball game that was one of the top boring ones I've been in. Unfortunately big part of the reason is due to the coaches of another team: they had the team play zone defense the whole game.

Yep, all 40 minutes, even after the game was clear win for them. Actually, the only thing they made as a defensive change was a full court defense that they played after scoring. As we are talking about teenagers who are not playing at competitive level, but the 4th highest level in Finland, in my opinion they should have more fun and learn to play the game well  and zone defense is not helping that target. Also the skills level of the individual players was such that I would definitely recommend to focus on man-to-man defense.

Zone can be a good, tactical move now and then but not something one should build team strategy on. So coaches, please focus on good, entertaining basketball - not only on boring zone defense even if it would bring some additional wins...!

Tonight Spain and France will meet at the European Championship final, viva España - this is what they want to repeat!

PS Winter is coming: In mid and northern parts of Finland at night time the temperature already goes below zero Celcius...

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