Friday, September 30, 2011


I've said for a long time that Friday afternoon is the best time of the week;
You still havesome time to do good things at work, and then you have a long weekend ahead. Today it has been BBQ, good workout, little home stuff, family time and now I'm enjoying outside terrace with a beer as it is most likely the last summerish evening for the year. Soon I have again access to the family so I will leavy you by yourselves.

Have a fabulastic w-end!

PS Thanks to Seb, I'll share these vibes with you 
PPS Go Blues - kick some SaiPa bum a.k.a. ass!

1 comment:

MIKA said...

Pardon my French, but I thought but is a.k.a. ass a.k.a. rear side of the mid body, but(a.k.a. however!) now I know it is a bum. Luckily I've lived this long in order to talk about bum.

Good thing is also that I know that my bum is large enough not to talk more about so keep your eye on the other things...