Monday, September 12, 2011

No major sports surprises after all

Actually, we can say that it was a positive surprise that Finland made it to the best 12 in the European basketball championships - well done guys!!! The final BIG BANG was close today but Slovenia was stronger. Good game in many ways for team Finland, but there was still some things to improve. And that's a good sign in a way.

Another not that surprising result was that Finland beat Belgium 3-0 in the volleyball European championships and made it to the second round. At least the team was expecting more from the first games but the result was a bit on the weak side. Let's hope they can pick it up in the next games!

Also my basketball season is getting started bit by bit and I can tell you the few runs, shooting hoops, gym, swimming etc does not help that much when you start running up & down the court. You need to play the game to get back in shape!

Yeah, surely jogging also helps but that's not for me any more. I used to run a lot but the laws of physics in my body are not supporting that - and I can tell you it is veeeery much more fun to play ball!!!

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