Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So close but still so far away

HJK had a great chance last Thursday to kick Schalke 04 out from the Euro league. Well, David was not able to beat Goljat, but the man who scored 3 goals in Schalke net just today made a contract with Schalke...

Today also started the European Championships in basketball. Finland made it to the games and started with a game against top European team Croatia. At half time Finland was 2 points up, but again stronger team won as Croatia took a 5 point win. Finland's only player ever with NBA experience, Hanno Möttölä, didn't have that big role but NBA draft - hopefully soon an NBA player - Petteri Koponen was Finland's top scorer.

The games have only started and Finland is not a potential champion, where as winning a half time is already an achievement. Let the games continue - and team Finland kick some ass!

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