Monday, December 6, 2010

World Championships: Finland 14 - Canada 2

Let's go Canada, let's go!
...but not in this game.

It's again time for the World Championships and this time in Finland. The games are played in the ice hockey arenas, one of them being the very same that hosted Ice Hockey World Championships already 1997 in Helsinki, but yesterday's game was played in the home arena of Espoo Blues, my home team.

5 players and goalie in both teams with their sticks sharpened and ready to start the game. But soon the tention is over as Team Finland controls the game from the beginning and already after the first 20 minutes it is 4 - 0 and after 2nd 20 mins it is 8-0.

Hats off to Canada as they played (naturally) with a high moral through the game and it was awarded towards the end by 2 goals.

Yes, Finland has found a way to donimate a game in ice hockey arena against the mother country of ice hockey. However, unfortunately the game was not ice hockey but floorball...
But some of you thought it was ice hockey while reading - gotcha!!!

PS In few hours starts the fun of Finland Independence Day. You can follow it at
To get to the mood check out this old clip from ice hockey World Championships

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