Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Short day today...

Dear Friends,

Today has been the sortest day of the year in Helsinki. The daylight we had lasted for 5 hours 48 minutes. Not that I had any chance to enjoy it as we are living the months when I leave home in the morning at dark and return at dark. No need for sunglasses...

To check your home town sunrise and sunset times, go here.

I guess we are lucky, as up North in Lapland the guys don't have a day at all. As I've said earlier, up there above the Arctic Circle the sun stays below the horizon for weeks. It was a fabulous experience last winter to go skiing, just check out the posts from around New Year 2009-2010.

We also have heck of a lot snow for the time of the year. We were in almost 70 cm, but the wind has moved the snow in the official measuring point so that it is now somewhat 60 cm.

I gotta say I have quite many good pics from the past month of winter, I think the first ones are from mid November when the sea was already frozen. Sorry, won't have the time & energy to take the effort right now but I have here a pic from taken from one of the Helsinki cemeteries.
Christmas is coming, it's time to relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family - your loved ones. And for the loved ones who are not there with you any more, you can light a candle in a place where it feels right for you. It doesn't need to be for example the certain cemetary or so, you can choose the place that you and the persons up there are both happy with.

Be good, the Santa's helpers are still out there watching you. The REAL Santa that comes from Lapland, Finland will come and visit all the ones who have behaved well. I'm one of them since I actually help him regularly :o) Reminder, be aware of the fake ones...

Enjoy the moment and take care of yourself and the loved ones!!!

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