Saturday, December 25, 2010

Talvi - Vinter - Hiver - Winter in Finland, Suomessa

I love winter, rakastan talvea, jag älskar vinter, j'adore hiver, ich liebe Winter, is breá liom an gheimhridh!

Tonight I wanted to amuse you with some winter pics. I have plenty of them in the back pocket so let's see what & when comes after these... Hope you enjoy them at least a fraction of what I have enjoyed live!
Backyard right after the first snow in November
 Badkyard a bit later on
 Same tree at the back a bit later
 And tonight, 25th of December a reality check with the snow
 Was it smart, I don't know but it's a standard to make sure you know what the white stuff you live in the middle of is...
Muy loco!!!

A bit of chocolate info in between;
Fazer, a Finnish chocolate producer that makes also the best chocolate in the world, Fazer Blue - Fazerin Sininen, has made a "gourmet" chocolate that should be gooood. It is good, but not praline quality and what is a bit surprising (or actually not), is that the chocolate itself is not that big vs the package.

So if you want to get the best chocolate in the wold, get Fazer Blue - Fazering Sininen. If you wish to do it the "wine tasting way", go for the fantastic pralines. In Brussels a small, fantastic chocolate factory Passion Chocolat can be found at rue Pére Eudore Devroye 197, 1040 Etterbeek / Bruxelles, Belgium, about 500 meters from Montgomery roundabout. I recommend it, they also have fantastic ice cream at summer time. They are also at Grand Sablon.
Back to Finland;
Snow also comes over the door decoration.
 The moon can be beautiful also behind the trees.
 And to finish off tonight, here are two muy loco niños that seem to take after their father...
Stay tuned, more to come...
Very merry Christmas - Erinomaista Joulua!

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