Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Tallinn

Before going to the main topic, I'd like to congratulate the Finnish Floorball Team for winning the World Championships 2nd time in the row. In the final Finland won the strong team of Sweden 6-2.
Well done, I'm sure the players enjoyed the game in front of home crowd of 13000 people.

I made yesterday a trip to the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. The old Hansa-town with its medieval centre and fantastic restaurants was again enjoyable - despite of the harsh winter weather.

They had just gotten 20 cm fresh snow - just like Helsinki - so the city was still recovering but that didn't bother us that much. We got a taxi in front of the terminal without waiting and had good shoes to walk on winter roads. In some places we had to climb over piles of snow, but that was all fun.

Cold, windy winter weather was on the other hand a good reason to have a break and warm drink inside...

Here are some images from Tallinn, but as I have said also earlier, you should go and check it out yourself.
You can enlarge the pictures by clicking them - suurenna kuvat klikkaamalla.

And what does not belong in the next picture?

To finish off, tell me what is in the picture below!

PS While Estonia will start using Euros soon, I sincerely hope that your price level will not increase like it has happened in so many other countries.

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