Saturday, December 4, 2010

Questionable retro material

We have a shop in Helsinki area, Finland, that sells all kinds of military related equipment. Majority of the stuff is new, but some is also used – 2nd hand.

Obviously they have purchased stocks from military organizations in different countries. The time I visited the shop, they advertized clothing originating from German Army and Belgium Air Force. They also had loads of other material that is more or less useful for either outdoor usage, camping etc., as well as urban military style fashion.

There was also some good stuff for Halloween, or would you be happy to see someone with a gas mask knocking on your door for a ”trick or treat”…?

What was most surprising for me was a section where they were selling some historical material – and obviously the staff too had realized the questionable aspect to this. Why else they would have bothered to make a sign that explains why do they sell the stuff and for what purpose.
The content goes somewhat like this;

“Nazi Germany and Eastern Germany Patches
Ask for the material at the cashier”

The main message on the right side text is along these lines;
“Material for the 2nd World War military outfits are normally bought for reenacting history uniforms, mainly for movie/theatre usage. This is not a new revolution of the Nazis. There is a demand for these and hence we serve the need. These are meant to be used in war time army uniform copies, not for other civil clothing.

Does this mean that you are Nazis or that Nazism is spreading because of you?
No. We can not be blamed for such and we have always been on the side of the good ones.”

Just to clarify, this is not my view but what stands on the wall in the shop. You can make your own judgment – but I’m not that sure if it is needed to sell that stuff.

OK, what was my motivation to go to the shop?
Nope, it was not the “unacceptable” material or gas masks, but to buy a pair of pants. Army style pants that last and I don’t need to worry about. However, my kids said they are not my kind of pants – I guess they kind of suggested it’s out of my genre. Or style.

Naturally it is a bit different to see me wearing those pants, comparing to my 5-days-a-week-office-uniform, a suit. On the other hand I hope this is not a sign of a middle age crisis. I hope I’m not in crisis, at least not with my age. 

Surely I’m getting older and am the oldest generation alive in my direct family tree, but unfortunately that is the situation in my life. Like it or not. The biggest thing I don’t like about it is that the dialog with my parents is not that fluent any more. Surely I say things to them almost daily, but as you know the realities the dialog is on the level of mind :o) Damn I miss you both!

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