Friday, December 17, 2010

Gimme 5! + Joke / Vitsi: Only one wish / Vain yksi toivomus

"Gimme 5!" was not what I had in mind in January 2010, less than a year ago, when I added the flag counter on the blog site. But today we reached 5000 visits!!!

"Gracias por su visita!" as many napkins in Spain say...

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect but sincerely I wasn't expecting to get in average >400 visitors per month.

That is from ~1900 different visitors (IP addresses), over >600 of them from Finland, >200 from US and >100 from UK. I can easily explain ~100 visitors from Finland, somewhat 20 from US and a handful from UK. From Belgium I could list or guess perhaps 20 and max a handful from Italy, Spain, France, Holland and some others, but the countries I mentioned are between 25 and 70 visitors.

So the core question still is:
How the heck you guys find your way here?

I don't know but since you keep coming back, I guess I should go on.

I truly don't know as there is only very limited direct benefit from this. That is giving the people who personally know me and the family a flavor what is going on with us. The ones who follow regularly can on the other hand say it is only now and then that I truly tell what's going on with the family. The Tallin being one of them.

The rest is something about different opinions about this and that more or less important things. Like the following joke that I wish to share with you to loosen up your mind for the weekend.

Have fun, enjoy the last weekend before Christmas and stay tuned. And remember to be good, Santa's helpers are on the move. As said many times, the REAL Santa comes from Finland. If you wish to get Santa's help with the letter to the kids, click here.

The the story that I promised for the weekend fun. I've got it this time also in Finnish, as almost 1/3 of the visitors are from Finland. And hence 2/3 of you are from other countries, I've written less and less in Finnish.

Ja A.M.:lle tiedoksi, koska 2/3 lukijoista on Suomen ulkopuolelta, tarinaa tulee jatkossakin pääosin englanniksi :o)

Ja sitten tarinaan - And then the story;

Nainen käveli metsässä ja kompastui yhtäkkiä johonkin, joka lähemmän tarkastelun jälkeen paljastui öljylampuksi. Kun nainen pyyhki sitä tuli tietenkin henki esiin.
While a woman was walking in the woods, she tripped in something that appeared to be an oil lamp. When she was wiping it clean, a genie appeared.
'Saanko nyt kolme toivomusta?' nainen kysyi.
'Et', vastasi henki, 'Huonojen aikojen ja muun sellaisen takia saa nykyään esittää vain yhden toivomuksen... No, mikäs se olisi?'
'Can I now get three wishes?' she asked.
'No you can't. Due to bad times you get nowadays only one wish. What would that be?'
'No siinä tapauksessa haluaisin rauhan Lähi-Itään', sanoi nainen ja kaivoi esiin kartan. 'Näetkö tämän kartan? Haluan, että nämä maat lopettavat taistelemasta keskenään.'
In that case I'd like to have peace in the Middle East.' she said and pulled out a map. 'Can you see this? These countries should end fighting against each others.'
Henki katsoi karttaa ja sanoi: 'Voi herran jestas sentään, nämä maathan ovat tapelleet keskenään jo tuhansia vuosia. Luulenpa, että asialle ei ole mitään tehtävissä. Olen hyvä, mutta en ihan NIIN hyvä. Toivo jotain muuta.'
The genie looked at the map and said: 'Oh dear, these countries have been fighting for thousands of years. I'm afraid there is nothing I can do with it. I am good but not THAT good. Can you please make another wish?'
Nainen mietti hetken ja sanoi:
'En ole vielä onnistunut tapaamaan sitä oikeaa miestä. Miestä, joka on ajattelevainen ja rakastavainen, joka
ottaa muut huomioon, osaa laittaa ruokaa ja tekee puolet kotitöistä. Mies joka on uskollinen, hyvä sängyssä eikä katso urheilua koko ajan. Lyhyesti sanottuna ihanteellinen elämänkumppani.'
The woman though for a while and said:
'I have not yet found the right man. A man who is considerate and loving and takes others into account. He can cook and takes care of half of the cleaning, laundry, dishes and so on. A man who is faithful, good in bed and doesn't watch sports. To put it in a nutshell, a perfect partner for life.'

Henki oli hetken aikaa hiljaa ja murahti sitten: 
'Näytä nyt vielä sitä saatanan karttaa...!!!'
The genie was silent for a moment and then growled out:
'Show me the damn map again...!!!'

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