Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tour de Estonia

Instead of the traditional ski trip for the winter break we decided to do something else - Tour de Estonia!

Five days, four nights in different places, spa treatments, sports, shopping, good food, sightseeing, fun time together. What else one would need? After a few gourmet spa days we decided to do a bit of extreme travel for the end of the trip;
Imagine a traditional saloon at the preeria, horses outside, lady serving beer and juicy local food, music corner, giant fireplace, few rooms upstairs for the travellers. Get the pic...?

Transfer that into today's Estonia in the middle of nowhere, add wifi, Tuesday night = staff leaves early and the house is solely for us.

That's where we were!

But hey, they have TVs in the rooms, all 10 inches and 5 channels of them!

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