Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Go Blues!

The summer vacation started today. Unfortunately. For the Blues.

Even if this game had no meaning for the Blues, I wanted to go there. Or particularly because of that to show support. The stats show somewhat 4900 spectators, which is pretty ok for the situation. I think a full house would be ~7800...

I'd say the best moment of the night was at the end of the game. The Blues of Espoo was 2-3 behind and hunting for a goal. With about 3 minutes to go, started to sing with a nice rythm "Espoo - Espoo - EspooEspooEspooooo..." This kept going without a break even the game had a break. Blues took away their goalie and played with six, singing continued, Kalpa scored in an empty goal, and the singing continued, game ended, teams shook hands, singing continued, the team came to thank the fans and audience, and the singing continued all the way until the team left the ice.

A break of few seconds to start with another rythmic support. Hats off to the Blues Fan Club!

I hope for next season the team will come back stronger - with stronger players mixed with players from Blues juniors. A Messi of our own would be nice...

Go Blues!

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