Saturday, March 9, 2013

Still at winter mode

The winter is still here - and that is quite normal, it is only early March anyways... We have close to 50 cm of snow and at the moment close to -10C outside. Niiiice and cool. We even got few cm of fresh snow yesterday so it's quite pretty.

It was not that pretty in all places yesterday morning, as the dirty road sides are part of the season-ending-package.

My ice hockey team the Blues of Espoo has had a bit weak end of the season. They have 2 games to go and they need help from other teams to make it to the play offs. Now it looks bad as they are losing 0-3 to the jumbo team at the end of 2nd round - damn! Still, it's possible so let's keep the faith and never give up!!!

C'mon Blues!!!

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