Saturday, November 3, 2012

Let's go Outlet Shopping in Helsinki!

I needed a new winter jacket and I had been hunting for one since last winter. I need it for both downhill skiing - slalom, as well as for general outdoor usage. As I sweat enough when doing sports, I didn't want one with goose warming or so. Just a cover, but with good technical enablers like how much moist does it let through, is there snow blocks on the weist and wrists, what kind of pockets etc.

Yesterday I found one - and it was a bargain!

I thought I was after something when I saw a jacket with a starting price of 600 Euros at a local Intersport store with -50% discount and some extra discount for opening day. It was a bit like Formula 1 class of ski jackets: Halti Kalle Palander -collection with all the bells & whistles. When they didn't have big enough, I was dissapointed and started to hunt one both online and via Halti manufacturer.

It's a Finnish company so it is easier than average.

Well, I faced a good customer service via phone at Halti and was directed to their Outlet at Lauttasaari, Helsinki (contact & opening hour details below). Oh boy how wrong I was about the "best option for me". There were two other extremely good options that were not as "hot" from cold resistance aspect. That is these other two were true cover jackets without filling.

At the end - with a help of the extremely professional, friendly and nice staff, I bought myself a cover jacket with a separate "inner jacket" that can be taken off and if preferred used separately - a bit like a fleece jacket, but not from fleece material. And it was cheaper than what I was first aiming at :o)

Go & get yours, the winter is coming...!

Here below are few tips of the factory outlets in Helsinki area. 
If you read this today, Nov 3rd, and wanna go shopping immediately, remember that they are closed today due to the holiday...

AARIKAN TEHTAANMYYMÄLÄ Nokiantie 2-4 C, Vallila, Helsinki. Ma-pe klo 9-17.
- Interior design mainly

ADIDAS OUTLET Edellisen kauden Adidas-tuotteita. Valimokuja 2, Tammisto, Vantaa. Ma-pe klo 10-19, la klo 10-16, su klo 12- 16.
- Sports gear from last season

BRAND OUTLET WAREHOUSE Kauppakeskus Ruoholahti. Ma-pe klo 10-20, la klo 10-18, su klo 12- 18.
- Mainly fashion

ECCO OUTLET Kauppakeskus Tammiston Tähti, Vantaa. Ma-pe klo 10-19, la klo 10-18, su klo 12-17.
- Shoes

F-OUTLET. Merkkisoittimien outlet F-Musiikki Itäkeskuksessa. Korsholmantie 2, Helsinki. Ma-pe klo 10-18, la 10-15.
- Brand instruments

FARKKUJEN VARASTOMYYNTI Sahaajankatu 35, Herttoniemi, Helsinki. Ti-to klo 11-17, pe klo 11-18, la klo 10-14, ma suljettu.
- Jeans

FRIITALAN OUTLET Friitalan uutuuksia ja yksittäiskappaleita, kuten nahkatakkeja, kelsiturkkeja, hameita, housuja, kenkiä, laukkuja, lompakoita, käsineitä, nahkapaloja. Ylästöntie 9, Tammisto, Vantaa. Ma-pe klo 10.30-19, la 10.30-16, su 12-16. 
- Fashion & accessories(?)

GUESS OUTLET Valimotie 25, Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki. Ma-pe klo 11-18, la klo 11-16.
- Fashion

HALTI OUTLET Hitsaajankatu 14, Herttoniemi. Vattuniemenkatu 23, Lauttasaari. Ma-pe klo 10-18, la klo 10-15.
- The one I was at, winter & outdoor sports fashion

HALVAN TEHTAANMYYMÄLÄT Valimotie 27, Tammisto, Vantaa. Ma-pe klo 10.30-17.30, la klo 10-16. Höyläämötie 9, Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki. Ma-pe klo 10-17.
- Candies

KALEVALA KORUN TEHTAANMYYMÄLÄ Strömbergintie 4, Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki. Ma-pe klo 9-17.
- Jewellery

LORELLA OUTLET Linnanrakentajantie 6-8, Herttoniemi, Helsinki. Ma-pe klo 10-18, la klo 10-15.
- Fashion

LUHTA Vaatteita, jalkineita, laukkuja ja kodintekstiilejä. Porttisuontie 4, Porttipuisto, Vantaa. Ma-pe klo 10-20, la klo 10-18, su klo 12-16.
- Fashion

LUMENEN TEHTAANMYYMÄLÄ Lumenen ihovoiteita ja meikkejä. Lasihytti 1, Kauklahti, Espoo. Ma-pe klo 11-18, la klo 10-16.
- Cosmetics

MARC O’POLO FACTORY OUTLET Vaatteita, alusasuja, kenkiä. Hitsaajankatu 10, Herttoniemi, Helsinki. Ma-pe klo 10-18, la klo 10-14.
- Fashion & shoes

MARIMEKON TEHTAANMYYMÄLÄ Vaatteita, sisustustekstiilejä, laukkuja. Kirvesmiehenkatu 7, Herttoniemi, Helsinki. Ma-pe klo 10-18, la klo 10-16.
- Fashion + much more, go there!

MR BIG OUTLET Isojen miesten vaatteita. Hitsaajankatu 7, Herttoniemi, Helsinki. Ma-pe klo 10-18, la klo 10-15.
- Fashion for MEN

NANSO GROUP OUTLET Vaatteita koko perheelle. Sähkötie 2-6, Tammisto, Vantaa. Ma-pe klo 10-19, la klo 10-17
- Fashion

STOCKMANN OUTLET Muotia sekä kodin ja urheilun tuotteita, jotka siirretty uutuuksien alta pois. Valimotie 11, Tammisto, Vantaa. Ma-pe klo 10-20, la klo 9-18, su klo 12-18.
- Everything for fashion, home & sports

VALLILA OUTLET. Valimotie 27, Tammisto, Vantaa. Ma-pe klo 10-19, la klo 10-16.
- ...I guess this is interior

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