Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Belgian winter was here

I've told you also earlier that the winter lasts for 2 days per year. Normally it comes in 2 waves; some day it starts snowing and it's all gone by next morning - and another day it comes again with the same drill.

We had one this week in Lahti. And actually Turku, Finland - Suomen Turku - had their one few weeks ago. In the morning the south-east part of the country - excluding Helsinki - got somewhat 5cm of snow that during the day became slid. By morning, it was practically all gone.

In Helsinki we also got snow, but not enough in a right temperature for it to stay. That happened 3 years ago, the first fall after out return from Belgium, that a permanent winter came to Helsinki area already mid November. That had not happened for years so no one was expecting it. Hence some of our garden stuff was under the snow all winter...

My winter started today as I got the winter tyres with spikes for my car. The other one has had ones already for 1,5 weeks, but now also I have downgraded the joy of driving...

Have a great weekend you all!

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