Friday, November 30, 2012

Fabulastic Winter Storm!

Wow, what a wind and a snow bliz! 10 minute average wind has been measured at 29 meters per second, not bad at all. I'm glad I've not been a pilot today, or would you have wanted to land on this airstrip this morning with a +/-30 meters per second blowing wind and visibility at few hundreds of meters?

No worries, the visibility got soooooo much better in some hours and the planes started to come in. As you can clearly see, there is a plane next to the corner of the building.

Great snow during the day. At some places even more than 0,5 meters and due to the wind, some open places almost clear - as you can see from the pic above. Now at 0730 pm the snow flakes have grown to more 1-2 cm. Temp is down to -8C so it seems the winter is here.

And please, do NOT send the +-degrees here, I hate the slid!


Today it's the last moment get or to fix an advent calendar - joulukalenteri. Many in Finland have a tradition to make it something with small items that make small or bigger kids happy. Or adults.

For some tips, check out the blog of TSUPUKKA, it's in Finnish and very much recommended to check out even if you would not speak a word!

Have a fabulastic weekend you all!

PS I'm glad I've got a sauna at home!

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Tšupukka said...

Wow! Kiitos mainostamisesta se oli iloinen ylläripylläri :)