Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Go and check out Christmas Helsinki!

There are sooo many views to Helsinki, even if it is a relatively small city where in the centre everything is in a short walking distance.

To continue a bit from the shopping trip with a snack & drinks, we also visited a sneaker shop where they happened to be making also a radio show for the Basso radio Here is a taster of their shoes for kids and adults.
They also sell MÄHÖNEN -kalsarit, the world famous in Finland boxers!

If I'd be a smoker, I would have stepped in this veeeery old tobacco shop at Aleksanterinkatu.

Well I didn't. Instead I enjoyed this bottle-percussion-player one block down the street. Cool stuff...

They opened again on Sunday the Christmas Street at Aleksanterinkatu. The street is lit with zillions of led lights and Stockmann department store also reveiled their traditional Christmas window. Also the market place is open for both tourist stuff and the meat pie lihapiirakka at the market cafe. Check them out if you are on the hoods...

Be good, the Santa's helpers are on the move!

PS I have not yet heard a single Christmas song, which is good. I do appreciate them, but not in November...

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