Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tourism Tip: Kasvihuoneilmiö

Election day in Finland: Municipal election. The weather has been fantastic for a nice stroll to give your statement. -1C and bright, sunny day. We got about 1 cm of snow on Friday morning, but that did not last. Let's see how the results will be - for now it seems there are no major surprises...

Then I've got a tip for you all, a combination of travel, shopping, flea market, cafe and good feeling;
Next to the highway #1 in Finland is a shop + cafe called Kasvihuoneilmiö. If you are into "stuff", you must go there. One weekend last summer there was a small sample of "Jeans Museum" - Farkkumuseo of Finland.

It is less than an hour drive from Helsinki down town and worth driving there for a tour in the shop and a meal - or a waffle.  

Here is a link to their home site. Signs can be found by the road so you will  loose your track. If you are not in a hurry, I recommend to drive the old #1-road, what ever it is numbered nowadays...

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