Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oh Belgium, I miss your peculiarity - Belgian omituisuuksia

There are good things in Belgium, but apparently the beer, wine and fries are only half as good as the ones in Finland. Or what could be the reason for me paying twice as much vs in Belgium for a 0,5 liters pint of Hoegaarden, 16 cl of house red wine and a small bowl of fries?

I paid in a Belgium style bistro restaurant Belge in Helsinki 8,50 Euros for the beer, 7,80 for the wine and 6,60 for the fries. In a similar place in Brussels it would have been somewhat half the price. Perkele.

Millä kielellä Belgiassa - Belgian language?

Well, not all things are in place in Belgium - even though they recently stopped collecting more days for their world record of we-don't-have-a-government-in-place -time. Big part behind that has been the language barrior and wanna-be-different -culture connected to it.

But what is the language they speak in Belgium, in addition to French?
Here is an article from Finnish newspaper about the language that is Dutch, not Flemish. I claim - and so do most non-Flemish people - that "Flemish" is just a dialect of Dutch. The Flemish people don't use their throat sounds as harsh as the Dutch do and some words are a bit different, but still it does not make it a different language. Or does it?

Hmmm, should they now change the name of "French" spoken in Belgium into "Valloon" language...?

Should we in Finland change the name of Swedish language that is spoken here into "Coastish", as majority of the Swedish speaking areas locate by the coast...?

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