Sunday, December 2, 2012

Today we went to get some food from the shop, among others baguettes. First my wife took one and then I went to get another. Honestly I didn't even look at the price of the one I took, but from the receipt I noticed one was 1,75 € and another 0,75 €.

When we got home, I came across with an old receipt from Mercadona, Spain. There I had also bought 2 kinds of baguettes: regular and artisan one - Barra de pan and Barra integral. Their prices were 0,45 € and 0,52 €. I can tell you there is no size or quality advantage for Finland to justify triple the price level so what is it? And why was there more than 1 Euro difference between the 2 ones from the same shop? When I look at them, I can't see any genuine difference to justify more than double value.

Well, they are going to taste good anyway tonight. Some salami, Manchego cheese and prosciutto Italiano will crown the evening...

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