Friday, May 13, 2011

What's going on with Blogspot...?

I posted here a blog post about ice hockey and Eurovision. Today I tried to log into the mastering site and it was "not available" and at the same time this second last posting was visible.

The key question is:
Where the heck is the text I wrote and posted???

Dear Mr Google,
We still have one BIG issue to settle and I must say you have taken an extremely passive role = you are not interested at all on your customers when something goes the way you don't like!

I start to feel like Mr Google sucks! I hope I'm wrong but so far my feeling is that. And if this post or the blog is blocked some day I guess there is a connection. I still don't know what went wrong - despite of asking and challenging Mr Google - why the try of posting few ads on the page was blocked by Mr Google.

I know I'm not in the key target group of Mr Google - or am I - but I've understood that Mr Google wants to be the master of all web. There is a million and one ways to serve web needs, but a fact is that there should be customer attitude and service on top. Otherwise there is nothing!

Get your act together Mr Google!!!

PS Finland is playing Russia in the semifinals of the ice hockey World Championships, c'mon Finland - Hyvä Suomi!!!
Later on = written afterwards;
The same night I had written this post, both this post I had posted on Thu came back online (first I thought it was on Wed but it was on Thu), but in addition the two ones I had saved as drafts including something you might be interested in.

I was afraid I had lost also the North Dakota -stuff...

And those are not ice hockey...

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