Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ice hockey & Eurovision is on!

Tonight is the night for both Eurovision and ice hockey World Championships. In both events it is not day 1 of the games;
In ice hockey is the quarter finals where yesterday Czech Republic sent team USA home and our neighbors Sweden did the same for Germany. Tonight Finland is against another neighbor Norway, that has performed quite well in the games but – sorry to say – tonight it ends for them. Finland will win 7-2. Game is on...!

Just like Finland scored big time on Tuesday night in Eurovision semifinals: the young guy who I was about to send directly home had quite a show – totally opposite to majority of the songs – and won the hearts of people and earned well a place in the final on Saturday. He is actually the first one to sing so don’t be late!

If you wanna check out the song, here you go! And don't forget to follow the story he is telling...

Hyvä Suomi!!!

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MIKA said...

It was not 7-2 but 4-1.