Friday, May 27, 2011

This must be illegal on TV - Laittomuuksia TV:ssä ...or should I talk about moving?

I've been silent about us getting a new house and moving. The BIG move is tomorrow and I gotta tell you it feels BIG when I look at the amount of stuff. It's 1030 pm and I still gotta continue to finish off - and not least to uninstall this main PC... I've been positive about SIXT car rental before but today I saw their standard insurance deductiables - the amount I need to pay up to if something happens - and it was 4.000 Euros!!! Yep, it's a big van but still. If I would have wanted to get the amount to 0 Euros, I would have needed to pay about 50% of the rental amount. I didn't and plan to keep it uncrashed. And I will.

Perhaps some day I will take the time to talk about the house hunting process and feelings around it. Let's see but now before going back to finishing off the packing, here is some media porn from Finnish TV.
I think there is a law or in minimum some sort of policy against this color shock;
This is from main TV news in Finland on Friday 13th May 2011.

Mielestäni yllä olevaan väri-ilotulitukseen pitäisi olla EU sääntö joka moisen kieltäisi...! Toinen asia joka askarruttaa se että onko lähelläkään mielekästä suomen kieltä sanoa TV uutisten lopputervehdykseksi "Näkemiin silloin!" ? Minä sanon "ei kiitos!" sekä väri-ilotulitukselle sekä lopputervehdykselle.

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