Saturday, May 7, 2011

I love sports! And many other things too...

Wappu came and went, had too much fun to write to you - or in other moments enjoyed the relaxing moments just chilling. Good fun, good company, good food (both "small" and BIG BBQ grill were in use), good drinks, good time... Many thanks to all who contributed to the fun!

Then the sports; This is a fantastic sportsweekend!

Unfortunately I was not able to start it yesterday with my own sport, basketball pick-up games with the team that I will be playing in the local veterans league final today. I've been half conditioned with a bit of flue so had to skip it. Hope today will continue towards the recovery direction and a strong contribution to the game.

As I love to...
  • play sports and challenge myself physically
  • watch all sports, particularly my kids playing
  • cheer them or other teams I support
  • spend time with my family
  • spend time with other players, supporters, parents etc "good" people
...this weekend is spectaculous!

Straight from the work I went to watch my son's first football (soccer) game of the summer season. They play in a league of 1 year older players, and not the easiest one but a semi tough one. Guys played fairly ok to their own level but moved the ball too slowly and in the defense they were a bit too passive.

Resultwise they were hammered but still I loved to watch the game and through my father-glasses my son held his own on the field. Of course many things to improve but he can keep his head up and go smiling to the next game. Just like all other guys.
From the sunny but cold football pitch we all - that is the family - rushed to watch my daughter's semifinal game in the basketball league she playes in. The girls started (again) a bit slowly and gave some handicap to the enemy but stayed well in the game.

After leading 2-0 they had been more or less 10-15 points behind until the 4th quarter. With about 7 minutes in the clock, penetration to the basket and a nice lay-up: our girls took the lead by my daughter's basket and one proud father was all smile ;o) As a side note if most of the others have played already for 7-9 years, this is her second full season so she is not a point machine... However, the defense work is something that many should take lessions from! Loved to watch it!

After a fantastic, best pizza in town and a good night sleep, comes Saturday and my veteran league final. Let's see how it goes.

Tomorrow Sunday is the final for my daughter and I guess I'm absolutely more nervous than she is.

When you add on top the ice hockey World Championships that are being played in Slovakia. Finland played today Germany and barely won at the shoot out. Tonight Finland playes hosting team Slovakia that has underperfomed so far. That means we can expect a LOUD AUDIENCE in the arena. If Finland can hold their own for the first 10 minutes and the full period, it will build pressure for the Slovakian team and set a good path for a win.


Let's see if I will watch the game in a bar as we have the season ending event after our game.

All this - and I get to spend much of the time with people I either love or enjoy being with, not bad at all!

Have a fantastic weekend you all!!!

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