Sunday, May 22, 2011

School reunions -- nightmare or a night of BIG fun?

This weekend we had a high school reunion. Yep: high school, not class or a year, but I'd rather call this one a school reunion as it was not limited to one particular graduation year as such events usually are. It had as a label "our high school 1986-88", which with an open mind as mine means that anyone interested who was in the high school during those 3 years - or close to it - is invited!

On the other hand...
When getting ready or going to the scene, we are likely to face totally different reactions vs what we have experienced before. Most of the "normal" people think that they are likely to meet many great people and have much fun.

However, some guys are at the same time thinking "what if I won't recognize my class mates and I'll make a fool of myself...".

C'mon man / gal, that is expected to happen as so many have changed a lot. Then again, some look exactly the same - just a bit more wrinkled.

Organizing such an event
Many have doubts about weather they should or not organize a reunion. Is it too much work? Will anyone turn up? Do I need to coordinate it all? How do I find all the people? Who to invite or who not to?

Dear friends, use your common sense: yes, it is easy if you make it easy. People will definitely show up if it's smooth and unformal enough enough. In today's Facebook / LinkedIn world people are connected. Word gets around...!

Don't wait, do it!!!

PS Many thanks to the guys who took the effort to organize the party! If I understood correctly, it truly was as smooth as I said above. It was fantastic to meet people I had not seen since high school - some being exactly like they were back then.  It was a fun night and time went by fast!

People seemed to be happy with their lives - and that is veeeery good! Thinking of the divorce rates, I'm happy to say the statistics were not supported in that group as majority was still in their first marriage. Just like I am...

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