Saturday, May 14, 2011

The States of America & Eurovision

It was North Dakota!

I've been wondering what is the missing state from the flag counter as I've had there only 50 out of the 51 available.

On 11th May someone from North Dakota came for a visit so now the list is complete all the way from Alaska, via Hawaii and New York to Florida.

You can check it out by clicking the flag counter on the left side and then "COUNTRIES". By clicking the "+"-mark next to US flag you get visible a list of all 51 states and flags available. Now they are all there. UGH!

Eurovision song contest final is tonight!

Tonight is the night of tops and flops. And from experience I could say mainly flops as in average the Eurovision song contest performances are more show and comedy than music performance that can be considered art.

Once Finland has been successful and won the contest with a bit unusual song performed by Lordi. The video is worth watching - and I guess it is not a surprise to many of you that pioneer of masks KISS was Mr Lordi's favorite in youth.

I said earlier that I was quite sceptic about the guy representing Finland, but that changed when I saw his performance. Pretty good, unique performance that stands out from the majority of the songs.

What is unlucky for him is that he is # 1 so he starts the evening. If he would come up after 10-15 tättärättätättärättä-songs the effect would be even stronger. Lets hope for the best - and don't forget to follow the lyrics, there is a story...

So Eurovision final is on tonight but tomorrow is the ice hockey final in the World Championships, Finland is playing dear Sweden. I am really looking for the game!

Hyvä Suomi!!!

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