Saturday, April 23, 2011

The winter is over - almost

I am writing this at the backyard wearing only a pair of shorts. To most of you it sounds quite normal for late April, but I can assure you it is not a standard for us Finns. To back up my words, I have a pic from the corner of the backyard.
Yes, it is snow.

I just raked the backyard and cleared the branches - so I made a quick face lift. It was not that surprising that the sun is warm enough to enable no-shirt-raking in well covered yard, but when the sun was blocked just now for few minutes by a cloud it was still ok to sit here.

Yesterday I was playing football - or soccer to some of you - outside and started it with gloves and a hat. They soon appeared to be too much, but what was afterwards surprising was the coldness when cycling.

Oh yeah, we took the bikes out as the streets are already cleaned from the sand they have been pouring during the winter. Both me and my son thought we would not need gloves or a hood under the helmet but after 5 minutes it seemed to be again stupid to assume things. Yep, assume makes an ass our of you and me, ass-u-me...

We biked to the beach cafe to have a destination and to get refreshments and obviously the cold sea impacted partly the weather. But the need for gloves started already from home area, about 2km from the sea.

This pic is taken from the same area as the next ones - but this one some hundreds of meters out from the land line. 
And these ones are from yesterday. Still piles of snow to melt.
 The land line was already clear but the majority of the sea bay was still frozen. Same thing was with the marina, few boats were in but majority was still blocked with ice.
 The cafe was closing...
So I guess the winter is about to end here in southern Finland, but in mid parts and particularly up north in Lapland the ski season is at prime. You can check out the images from Levi from here by clicking the links on the page.

It is the same resort we were in last winter. That is a year ago as this winter is not over yet ;o) Stories and pics from that trip you can find by using the Lapland -keyword on the left side and scrolling down the page.

Heil the sun! the time flies, it will be soon the time to fly down to Spain again - to enjoy both the guaranteed weather, food and culture...

PS The damn flies have also noticed that the winter is over - and soon comes the mosquitoes.

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